Yingadi Aboriginal Corporation

Indigenous Corporation Number 7675

Yingadi Immersion 2016 – Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg.

Going into the immersion, we wanted to feel something; we wanted to understand as much as we possibly could. We wanted to develop a deeper connection to the indigenous Australians and to experience the aboriginal culture. We did experience it, but we also experienced and felt much more than anything we thought we would. We found the journey emotionally uplifting and some of the most enjoyable days of our lives. It has taught us so much about ourselves, our spirituality but also about the land of the aboriginal peoples of Australia, and the private and very personal connection that they willingly invited us to experience.

We all have an understanding now, of the Mutthi Mutthi people and some of things they hold dear. Through different aboriginal rituals we took part in the stories we heard. We are so grateful to have been able to meet the four beautiful, inspiring women, who take pride in their culture and heritage.

It’s incredible to think that just five days can change the way someone thinks, feels and speaks about issues that they feel strongly about.
It’s not easy to express what we did on this trip but one thing we can say is that the journey we went on, we will forever remember. We will remember the silent nights, the sunrise and sunset, the star stories, the medicine wheel, our ancestors, the smoking ceremonies, running into the sunset and the moments we spent together as a group.

Leaving Lake Mungo, we have changed, not only our view on aboriginal people, but also what silence can do. The whole trip was so magical and each day we would wake to an almost unearthly sunrise. It was so refreshing and cleansing to experience time away and to take the opportunity to discover the true Australia we should all know.

We feel deeply privileged that we were able to experience Lake Mungo and so grateful for such an incredible and spectacular once in a lifetime experience and an amazing five days. Knowing that the aboriginal people took time to learn our culture, it’s now time to learn theirs. We now have fire in our hearts and stars in our eyes and we will keep building the fire to keep it alight.

This immersion has not only taught us about Aboriginal culture and spirituality, but also so much more about ourselves. We not only gained knowledge from the experiences, we made memories. Memories that we won’t forget and memories that will change lives and perspective about the world. Let’s treasure what has been, what is and what will be through treasuring the indigenous land and culture.