Yingadi Aboriginal Corporation

Indigenous Corporation Number 7675

About Yingadi

The Centre's permanent home will be on a rural property on Mutthi Mutthi land in North West Victoria/South West New South Wales in close proximity to the sacred lands of Lake Mungo.

The Centre will be very aware of the ecology of the area and will create a minimal carbon footprint. It is expected to use solar energy and self generated water (river and rain water) and will offer an excellent example of living in harmony with the land and environment.

This location has been a part of many programmes and experiences offered by the ACMM that have been enabled by its close links with members of the Kelly family, who, as Mutthi Mutthi people are irrevocably linked with the past, present and future of their tribal lands around Balranald and Lake Mungo.

Their welcome and involvement is crucial to the ongoing opportunities for learning that will be offered at Yingadi. The location is integral to the ongoing success of the Centre.